The Golden Tattoo Machine®

   Since 2006, our company has been developing machines with precise mechanisms, which are essencial tools in the tattoo art.  

   Following the already known Mustang, Elyttica and Diamond, and always giving privilege to quality and innovation, rises the new Nitro Pro® Rotary Machines Project.

Coil Tattoo Machines

   Given that the electromagnetic cycle is a unique system, the Golden Tattoo Machine needed to deepen this concept through new technologies and a meticulous choice of raw materials used in order to ensure a tattoo machine with the highest performance and precision levels, characteristics that can be observed in its usage and after healing.

Rotary Tattoo Machines

   Nitro Pro® is a UK project developed by Golden Tattoo Machine. Each detail has an essencial function. The Swiss-Maxon motor incorporated in the 7075 Aluminum ergonomic frame is easy to handle.

   The Enya, Fox and Veron rotary machines don’t require any kind of adjustments since they are equipped with our exclusive damping system.


   All Golden Tattoo Machines are allocated a certificate and identification card after being tested by the technical department.